TOPSAHO The Group is active in Togo since 1998.

Indeed, it was in 2008 that Mr Saho launches in industry and launched a production of plastic in free zone. In its desire to diversify its activities in 2010 he invested in a second production unit this time in the food industry which is none other than TOPFOOD (sweetened condensed milk manufacturing company).

It is in September 2011 that the first condensed milk factory was born in Togo, including the emergence of the following brands : KADI LAIT, DEMBO LAIT, BAMBA, DJATOU LAIT, TopSaho, BABA LAIT.

Today, TOPFOOD is developing a new range of TopSaho fuit juice products with Orange, Mango, Tamarind and Mix Fuits :

- the TopSaho Fruit Juice Tamarind flavour

- the TopSaho Fruit Juice Orange flavour

- the TopSaho Fruit Juice Mango flavour

- the TopSaho Fruit Juice Mix Fruits flavour


TOPFOOD has developped TopSaho Drinking Yoghurt products with Orange, Strawberry and Mix Fruits :

- the Yoghurt TopSaho Orange flavour

- the Yoghurt TopSaho Strawberry flavour

- the Yoghurt TopSaho Exotic Fruits flavour

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